Paris 18e Arrondissement,  Francia

Tel.: +(33) 0146062692 Fax: +(33) 0146063830

Puntuación de los clientes: 5,4 Basado en 2 críticas

42 Rue d'Orsel (75018) - Paris 18e Arrondissement (Francia)

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Valoración general:  5,4 Basado en las últimas 2 de 2 críticas

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  • Limpieza: 7,5
  • Situación: 7,5
  • Instalaciones y servicios: 7,5
  • Personal: 3,8
  • Tranquilidad: 6,2
  • Habitación: 5
  • Relación calidad/precio: 5

Julio/2008 Una persona de UK piensa:

  • Valoración general: 8,3
  • ¿Recomendarías este hotel? Si
  • Positivo: Hi ! I have spent 3 days in july 2008. I have been very surprised because it's a very nice area, velots of tourists. The Staff is very nice, you can ask everything. It's a family hotel.I have been with my baby of 7 months and they have been very helpful. I advice this hotel.
  • Negativo: nothing
  • ¿A quién se lo recomiendas? Jóvenes, 3ª edad, Familias, Parejas, Buscadores de calma, Escasos de presupuesto, Viajeros con coche
  • Lo desaconsejo para...
  • Limpieza: 10 Very clean
  • Situación: 10 Montmartre, Sacré Coeur, very good line for the Champs Elysees
  • Instalaciones y servicios: 7,5
  • Personal: 7,5 Very helpful
  • Tranquilidad: 7,5 there is 2 building and the rooms behind are very calm.
  • Habitación: 7,5 Very clean, the rrom have a proper bath. there is a fridge very good when you have a baby !
  • Relación calidad/precio: 7,5 Very cheap for the location.
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Octubre/2007 Una persona de U.S. piensa:

  • Valoración general: 2,4
  • ¿Recomendarías este hotel? No
  • Positivo: some of the rooms are very nice.
  • Negativo: The staff. Very dishonest and mean. I had to wait hours in the lobby for my room to be ready, even though I was told on the phone, the room would be ready by a certain time that had passed by several hours. Then the staff person agreed to a lower rate because of my inconvenience and the small size of the only room that was finally available. Much later that evening the owner came screaming at me and said either I pay him more money or I should get my bags and leave. Not an enjoyable stay to say the least.
  • ¿A quién se lo recomiendas? Jóvenes, 3ª edad, Parejas, Amantes de lo clásico, Escasos de presupuesto
  • Lo desaconsejo para... Amantes de lo moderno, Viajeros con coche
  • Limpieza: 5
  • Situación: 5
  • Instalaciones y servicios: Sin puntuar
  • Personal: Sin puntuar The owner is the rudest man I ever met and the rest of the staff is incredibly inefficient and may make you wait hours for your room to be ready, even if promised earlier
  • Tranquilidad: 5
  • Habitación: 2,5 They will promise you a big room over the phone when you make a reservation, but when you show up, will make up a lie about why you can%27t have the big room, but you can have a very small room for the same price or you can leave.
  • Relación calidad/precio: 2,5
Estrellas que merece 2
Hotel BEARNAIS 42 Rue d'Orsel Paris 18e Arrondissement 75018 Francia